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Officer Spotlight- Kennedy McClanahan

Today's Officer Spotlight is Kappa Rho President Kennedy McClanahan.

Kennedy is currently serving as the President of the Kappa Rho chapter and has previously served as the Record Keeping Chair. She attends the Academies of West Memphis where she is the Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta, Secretary of Beta Club, and a member of the West Memphis Golf Team.

Questions for Kennedy:

Biggest goal for your chapter this year: As a chapter, we would like to get out in the community and make a difference! We have decided we are going to make community service a must this year!

Advice to new DBS members: DBS is where you gain your real sisters! They are the ones you are going to have to fall back on when something doesn't go quite the way you would like! If you're willing to put in the effort, the pay off is incredible!

Favorite DBS memory: My greatest memory was at the election meeting! I was thrilled when I was announced President! I was ecstatic that I could follow in my mother's footsteps in the same chapter she was in!


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