Officer Spotlight- Dana Taliaferro

Today's officer spotlight is National Vice President-Philanthropy Dana Taliaferro!

Dana joined the board in 2012 and has served as National 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President. She is an initiate of the Alpha Omega chapter that was active in Winnfield LA where she served as Vice President and Reporter. She currently lives in Monroe LA with her husband Van and spends her time volunteering.

Fast Facts

Birthdate: June 17

Favorite Color: aqua

Favorite Candy: very dark chocolate

Favorite Quote: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Life and Family Facts: She attended Ayers School of Business and Bauder Merchandising College. She is very active in the community, volunteering with many organizations including Junior League of Monroe and Grace Episcopal Church and School. 

My husband and I celebrated our 38th anniversary on June 16th.  We have loved traveling all of our married life - little trips, big trips, usually trying to take the back roads.  We started our daughter off from the beginning of her life - taking her to Dallas when she was three months old.  I had older people telling me she was too little to travel but we are so glad we never listened.  Now we continue to travel but also travel vicariously through Sloane and her husband, Steve.  They have already gone to so many fabulous places in their life together.  We are very proud of both - they work for Google, Inc. and live in New York City.  Perfect for a young couple!

Favorite DBS Memory:  My husband and I were driving back from a three week trip out west and out of the blue, I received a message from Rebecca and Millie wondering if I would be interested in being on the Board of Regents.  I was stunned!  I called my daughter for her advice since she had served on the Board for four years.  She immediately said I would be perfect and would love it.  I called Rebecca and Millie back and said I would meet them in New Orleans for Convention and to please put my name in for consideration.  I have so many wonderful memories from high school, my daughter's years in DBS, and now as a Board member. Words cannot really describe the bond we have with each other - it is beyond special.


Officer Spotlight- Hannah Knies

Today's officer spotlight is National Vice President-Sisterhood Hannah Knies!

Hannah joined the board in 2013 and has served as National Custodian and Parliamentarian. She is an initiate of the Tau chapter where she served as the recruitment chair, convention chair, and Recording Secretary. She is currently earning a Masters in English at Lousiana Tech University where she teaches English 101. She also teaches ESL at ELS Language Center. Hannah was married to her high school sweethear, Austin, shortly before convention so you may know her as Hannah Gissendanner. 

Fun Facts

Birthdate: April 14

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Candy: Hot Tamales

Favorite Quote: "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool." - Shakespeare, As You Like It


Favorite DBS Memory: Rapping during my outstanding member presentation at Convention
Life and family: I lived in New Hampshire for a few years of my childhood where the snow would often be up past my hips!

Hannah serves as a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, is an alumna of Kappa Delta sorority,does international student outreach on Tech's campus, and leads youth group study at church. 


Officer Spotlight- Valerie Davis

Today's officer spotlight is National Secretary Valerie Davis! 

Valerie has served on the National Board since 2011 and has served as National Historian, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President. She is an initiate of the Alpha Beta chapter where she served as Assistant Pledge Mistess, Pledge Mistress, and Chapter Mother. She currently works in Stuttgart AR as an officer manager for a farm auction company and loves spending time with her dog Zoey!

Fast Facts

Birthdate: October 9

Favorite Color:  Red

Favorite Candy: M&M

Favorite Quote:  “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” – Robert Louis Stevenson  

Life and Family: She attended University of Arkansas at Little Rock and has very involved in the community of Stuttgart AR. Some of her volunteer activities in Stuttgart have included Ag In The Classroom, organizaing the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, Junior Women's Club, Wings over the Prairie, and volunteering with Southside Baptist Church, St John's Lutheran School, and Stuttgart schools. 

She has been married to her husband, Tony, for 31 years.  They live on the family farm where they’ve raised an abundance of crops but most importantly two children - one son, who was a DBS sweetheart and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, and a daughter, who served her chapter as president and a graduate of the University of Mississippi.  Her constant companion these days is the cutest lab named Zoey who loves to go with her everywhere including paddle boarding on Lake Hamilton.   

Favorite DBS Memory:  As a member, it would have to be everyone singing all the DBS songs at convention.  We would sing up and down the halls heading to workshops and meals and we would sing during meal time.  We would sing to other chapters and sing just to be singing.



Officer Spotlight- Mallory Wright

Today's officer spotlight is National At-Large Officer Mallory Wright! 

Mallory is an initiate of the Theta Kappa chapter where she served as President, Vice President, and Parliamentarian. She joined the board in 2013 and has served as National Parliamentarian and Historian. Mallory is currently attending Louisiana Tech University where she is pursuing a doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology.



Favorite Color: Pink or Black 
Favorite Candy: Reese's
Favorite Quote: " If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!" 
Favorite DBS Memory: Attending convention each summer! I love meeting girls from all over the south!  


Fun Facts: I am Phi Mu Fraternity Alumna! I am also involved with advocating against human trafficking through organizations like International Justice Mission and Dressember. I volunteer at 4Paws Rescue, because it gives me an excuse to love on puppies! 


Mrs. Millie, the National Treasurer of Delta Beta Sigma, is my grandmother!
I LOVE Glacier National Park and everything else in Montana! 
I have taken a 10,000 mile road trip in one summer before. The trip covered 25 states stretching from Florida, Arizona, Montana, New York, and everything between! 




Officer Spotlight- Daylia Wallace

Today's Officer Spotlight is National At-Large Officer Daylia Wallace!

Daylia joined the board in 2017 at our last convention. She is an initiate of the Beta Phi chapter where she served as Vice President-Sisterhood and Vice President-Philanthropy. She is currently attending University of Tennessee at Chattanooga studying Exercise Science. She recently pledge Delta Zeta sorority. 

Fast Facts

Birthdate: June 16

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids and Kit Kats
Favorite Quote: "Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you; but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder." - Henry Thoreau
About her life and family: Daylia was born in Atlanta GA and moved to LA when she was 2. She and her sister were child actresses and Daylia was in CSI and commercials!
Favorite DBS Memory: I have a bunch including my recruitment, meeting my best friends, and when I was elected Vice President. But my absolute favorite memory was from convention 2015, we did a whole dance to different songs from the 80s and dressed up in all neon with crazy teased hair and outrageous makeup. We had the best time doing it; our chapter moms even participated! We didn't place because we didn't follow the guidelines at all (whoops), but we had a great time!!