Our Membership Badge

Adapted from a letter to active members from the National President

Membership in Delta Beta Sigma gives you the opportunity to choose your future sisters, grow in your leadership abilities, and contribute to the growth of our organization. DBS has a long history and each of you is ensuring that the legacy of DBS continues to impact the lives of high school women.

After initiation each member recieves a membership badge. This small pin is a symbol and outward sign of your membership in Delta Beta Sigma, just like DBS t-shirts, jackets, and other goodies. Delta Beta Sigma has used the same membership badge since it was founded at the Columbia Institute in Columbia, Tennessee in 1903. In fact, a picture of our badge was included in their yearbook in 1910 and is show below.

As a sign of your membership, the membership badge (or pin) should be treated with respect, as your membership is a great privilege. It should be worn with clothes considered dressy or professional. This means your pin should not be worn with t-shirts or jeans. Instead, you should wear your membership pin when you dress nicely to meet community figures, especially when you are asking them to support DBS. You can hold formal chapter meetings to encourage members to wear their pin and wear it when your chapter attends church together. Alumnae can wear their badge to work on International Badge Day or to events with other DBS alums. Fraternity and sorority members across the world wear their badges to church and job interviews to signify to others the leadership experience and values they gained through their greek experience and you are invited to wear your membership badge with the same pride.

Our membership badge has been called “the finest and most beautiful” of all high school sorority and fraternity badges ever made by the jewelry maker who supplies our badge. While it is a lovely piece of jewelry that we hope you will grow to value it as a symbol of our sisterhood; it should be a reminder of the value of our sisterhood and the secrets you learned in the ritual. During the initiation ceremony the symbolism of the fleurs-de-lis and shield shape of the badge is revealed.

For our older members, especially seniors entering your last semester as active members of DBS, let your badge stand for all the great memories you have made in DBS. For our new members, let the badge stand for all the memories you hope to make in DBS and the effort you will put in to make those memories happen. As National President of DBS, I wear a jeweled membership badge that has been passed down to each National President since 1935. To me, that badge stands for everything our organization has accomplished, all of the lives we have touched, and all that we will continue to do.

I hope that each DBS member will value their membership badge throughout their life.

Love in Black and Gold,


Rebecca Pollet

National President


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